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Dental Implants

These are devices which secure replacement teeth to the bone and gum. In addition to stabilizing loose teeth or problem dentures, implants are often required for bridgework after teeth have been removed. By strengthening the natural bond between the teeth and oral tissues, dental implants can eliminate the physical discomfort associated with the loss of teeth.

Cosmetic Surgery

Most corrective surgery is done to correct functional problems, but cosmetic surgery can be done too, and, at the same time! The doctor will be happy to discuss the coordination of functional and cosmetic treatments.

Preprosthetic Surgery

If you are constantly troubled by loose dentures, you may be suffering from a loss of or change in the supporting gum tissue and bone. Often the dentures only need to be relined to restore a proper fit and healthy tissues. In cases of more severe bone deterioration, the affected teeth and/or surrounding soft or hard tissue may be augmented or reconstructed ("built up") to prevent further loss.

Facial Injuries

Facial injuries include cuts, bruises, lacerations, abrasions and fractures, and can result in damaged or lost teeth. The signs of severe injuries tend to show up in the two moving areas of the face-the eyes and the mouth. Typical indications of a jaw, cheekbone or eye socket fracturing are:

  • Ill-fitting teeth or clicking jaw joint
  • Eyes that don't move together
  • Impaired or double vision
  • An inability to open the mouth (due to the jaw catching on the fractured bone)
  • Difficulty in breathing, eating or speaking
  • Swelling over the injured area

Despite a high success rate for treating facial injuries, there is no substitute for prevention. Many sports- and accident-related injuries could have been avoided if a seat belt, mouth guard, face mask, helmet or other safety device had been worn.

Tooth Removal

Persistent pain in the jaw or gum; or early redness or swelling in the back of the mouth; or a discharge, abscess or foul taste indicate an impacted or infected tooth. Tooth extractions can be accompanied by premedication and/or anesthetic to reduce normal anxiety and eliminate pain.

Cyst & Tumor Removal

Being alert to the physical warning signs of a developing cyst or tumor is critical to its timely diagnosis and treatment. Most oral tumors are benign and easily removed. Nevertheless, we urge you to seek prompt, professional attention if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Mouth sore, lump or other suspicious growth that has not healed in two weeks
  • Discharge or pus or other fluid
  • White or red patches inside the mouth
  • Swelling that last longer than one week
  • Change in taste or eating habits

The doctor often performs a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and determine a specific treatment plan. During the biopsy, a small tissue sample is removed from the affected area for further testing. The doctor will discuss the results of the biopsy with you and plan further treatment if necessary.

Our early diagnostic procedure for suspicious red or white lesions is the CDX brush biopsy. Similar to a "Pap" smear, a scraping of the questionable lesion is submitted to the lab for microscopic evaluation. This is quick and painless. No suspicious area should be ignored!

Infection Control

In order to protect you as well as ourselves, our office uses state of the art infection control procedures. We meet or exceed all OSHA, ADA, CDC guidelines.

We routinely utilize "universal precautions" and "barrier techniques."

"Universal precaution" is the practice of using the same infection control techniques for all patients and members of the surgical team. "Barrier technique" means the surgical team will wear gloves, masks and protective eye shields when performing surgical procedures. This creates a barrier to prevent contact with blood or body fluids and thus prevent transmission of contaminants from one person to another.

Standard infection control procedures include steam sterilization of all surgical instruments as well as drills following each procedure. All potential contaminated room surfaces and equipment are disinfected as well. All injectables are disposable and never reused.

All contaminated materials are specially packaged and disposed of following OSHA guidelines and state regulations.

If you have any questions about our infection control practices, ask us. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

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