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Cleveland Dental Injury & Trauma Treatment

From cuts and lacerations to broken teeth, jaws and cheekbones, specialized treatment can help ensure your recovery from a dental injury. Serious facial trauma can impact your sight and your ability to breathe, speak and swallow.

Dental trauma usually involves:

  • Breaking a tooth
  • Knocking a tooth loose, or
  • Knocking a tooth out

Most broken teeth can be repaired if the injury is above the gumline. Loosened teeth can usually be saved if they are promptly stabilized by the dentist within a day or two of the injury. Teeth that have been knocked out need to be replaced very quickly – within an hour of injury, typically – to have a good chance of being saved.

Treatment for facial fractures is similar to that for other broken bones. It can involve a range of wiring and plating techniques to align and secure the parts of the bone and allow sufficient time for healing. Depending on the patient, this can sometimes require hospitalization and six weeks or more of dental wiring. Not all dental injuries are this serious, but it's good advice not to take any facial trauma lightly. Another good idea is to practice prevention. Automobile seat belts, mouth guards for athletes and other common sense practices can help you avoid serious facial injuries.

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