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Cosmetic dentistry techniques are available to enhance the appearance of your smile or correct other problems with your mouth, teeth, jaws and facial structures.

Modern cosmetic dentistry can restore your teeth to their original shape, appearance and function. By using cosmetic bonded materials, your dentist can generally achieve 95 percent of your natural tooth strength, with no metal taste, unsightly gray margins or dark opaque look. Natural-appearing fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges utilizing polymer/glass/ceramic materials offer bio compatibility, esthetics, strength, versatility, stain resistance and wear resistance.

By integrating orthodontics, periodontics, smile design and oral surgery with restorative procedures, even the most severe cases finish with dramatic results.

New techniques such as power bleaching, microabrasion, air abrasion, laser/light-enhanced curing and laser/electrosurgery provide a variety of treatment options to alter and enhance your appearance. In addition, oral surgery, including dental implants and cosmetic surgery, allow for total face and image enhancement.

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