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Treatments for TMJ & Other Bite Problems in Cleveland

The teeth and jaw joints are part of a system of structures referred to as the masticatory system. Consisting of four parts (the teeth, gums, jaw muscles and jaw joints), all parts of this system interact with each other as a part of the system. Breakdown may occur in these parts as a result of microbes (tooth decay, gingivitis) or excessive mechanical stress. Excessive mechanical stress may occur from outside trauma, such as an automobile accident, but more commonly occurs when the upper and lower teeth don't fit together where the jaw muscles best close the jaw. This condition defines a bite problem. It may result in damage to, or pain in, the teeth (worn, loose or cracked teeth), the gums (receding gums), the jaw joint (jaw noise or pain) or the jaw muscles (headaches, sore jaws).

Treatment of this disorder should first be aimed at reducing the cause of the problem (mechanical stress) to a level which will prevent further structural damage or eliminate pain. Then, repair of damaged structures may be done. Depending upon the case, this may be accomplished by altering the bite, restoration of teeth or TMJ surgery.

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